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Fascinated by the potential for unexpected narrative, Melinda Young's exhibition work, has a carefully considered use of colour and often a sly, subversive sense of humour. She is inspired by architecture, the landscape, the social condition of the body and her everyday surroundings - which also frequently provide materials for her work. Melinda generally works to self-set projects, which may provide a particular thematic or even impose rules or constraints on the approach to making, as seen in her exhibition projects Take a ball of thread... and unnatural, Naturally (with Lauren Simeoni).

Melinda's particular interest lies with re-presenting the natural state of the body and many of her exhibition works have an unsettling plasticity or tactility. She uses the written and visual language of the abject, the body and frequently explores vernacular for the titles of her work, which operate alongside colour and material to re-create the interior and exterior landscapes of the body in her jewellery.

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